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The BE A BEE Honey Company was founded in 2012, formerly known as Mannu Salvaa, by the writer AbÅ« Naseebah with a profound passion for Raw Jungle Honey. We emphasize quality over quantity in every step of the harvest. We don’t gauge our success by the quantity of honey produced, or even by how much we sell. Our focus is always on the quality of our harvesting, our packaging, our customer’s experiences, and of course, our honey. That which the bees give us, we give you. When we say 100% honey, we mean it!

Our 100% pure natural jungle honey will last forever & needs no refrigeration. If left in a cool place it may crystallize. If you prefer liquid honey, immerse the jar in warm water until the honey re-liquefies. If you look closely you can see natural pollen particles floating in the honey – some pollen remains as our honey is only lightly filtered to remove the bee stomachs, legs & wings.